External Pipe Coatings

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coatings are thermoplastically hardening layers of epoxy resin applied to steel pipes using an electrostatic process, and which protects them against corrosion. Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coatings can be applied at service temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius); the typical thickness is 14 to 18 mils (350 to 450 micrometers). A second layer (Abrasion Resistant Overlay — ARO) creates an excellent resistance to damage for the pipeline itself, even under the most difficult environmental conditions.

Internal Pipe Coatings

Coatings that Increase the Efficiency of Flow-rate

Liquid Epoxy Resin is sprayed on the inside of the pipes at a typical thickness of 3 to 4 mils (60 to 100 micrometers). The result is an improvement of the gas transportation capacity, a minimization of frictional resistance and thus a reduction in compressor stations. Simplified cleaning and temporary protection against rust make flow coating a unique and cost-efficient solution for gas transportation.


Just in Time Delivery

At Berg Pipe, we make sure that every pipe reaches its destination safely and securely anywhere in the world, right up to and including the final storage yard.

Every logistics center in our manufacturing facilities has storage and loading capacity that corresponds to the capacity of its pipe mill.

The experts in our logistics team ensure that each order is delivered according to contract immediately after production and release.
We support our customers in the process, right to where the pipe will be laid.

On-carriage by road to the final storage place is, of course also possible, with up to 100 HGV loads per day. In the event of disruptions to the supply chain, we use alternative routes that are already in place. In addition, we organize and coordinate transfer facilities along the transportation route. We meet the highest security and quality standards to prevent the pipes from being damaged during transport. In addition, we have a comprehensive network of surveyors worldwide who support our clients with a best-in-class logistics infrastructure of pipes.

Naturally, we plan the transport route taking the required quality and contractual specifications into consideration. To do so, we use all means of transportation available, such as trucks, trains, barges, ocean-going vessels and, if necessary, airplanes. The partners we use for transportation are chosen with care, and we monitor the handling activities at the respective interfaces and transfer points.

Double Jointing

Double Jointing is when we take two pipes and weld them together to make a longer pipe.

Typically we take two 40 ft pipes and make them into an 80 ft pipe. This process makes it more economical for our customers to install pipe in the field.

Double Jointing is an integral part of our manufacturing process in Panama City.

Panama City Location Coating