Safety Program

Safety & Health Program
Drug Free Workplace

Our goal is to sustain safety excellence in the operation of our facilities, so as to achieve continuous protection of each member of our team, our customers, our environment, and the citizens of our community in which we do business.

Accidents and injuries are normally preventable. We will not compromise accident and injury prevention for profit or production. Employees of BSPM are responsible for preventing injuries and illnesses, and recognize and accept working safety is a condition of employment.

Employees expect a safe place to work, and the proper tools to work with. The nature of BSPM’s operations requires many employees to undertake tasks, which if not carried out under BSPM’s stringent safety & health regulations and procedures could expose the employees to the risk of serious injury. For this reason the Safety & Health Program is administered as a primary concern by each level of management.

Through its fundamental objective of preventing accidents, BSPM’s Safety & Health Program mandates the following:

  1. Development and maintenance of procedures for managing all aspects of safety and health and ensuring compliance with all applicable OSHA rules.

  2. Safety meetings for management and employees.

  3. Employee orientation and training in safety and health procedures, including the OSHA Hazardous Communications standards.

  4. Monitoring of employee work habits and safety and health surveys of operations, which assist in eliminating unsafe acts and conditions.

  5. Investigation of accidents and maintenance of accident records.

  6. Monitoring the facilitation of monthly equipment inspections.

  7. Designation of local medical facilities and consulting physicians.