Code of Conduct

Guideline for Proper Behaviour of the EUROPIPE Group

EUROPIPE intends to set standards: in the interests of our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. These standards will support strength for our accountable corporate activities with a declared belief in our responsibility to society.

This is the reason why we have developed a code of conduct for the complete EUROPIPE Group.

Our code of conduct specifies the extent of requirements made to the executive management, the company's senior managers and its employees. We also expect temporary employees, consultants and our suppliers to base their activities upon this code.

We are convinced that in this way we are able to strengthen our foundations for trustworthy honest cooperation both with each other and with our environment.

We would be pleased to send you our brochure "Code of Conduct – Guideline for Proper Behaviour of the EUROPIPE Group". Please use the following order form for this.

Code of Conduct - EUROPIPE Group - English (EP/CoC 11/2009 en 1.500)
Code of Conduct - EUROPIPE Gruppe - German (EP/CoC 11/2009 de 1.500)
Code of Conduct - Groupe EUROPIPE - French (EP/CoC 11/2009 fr 1.500)

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